PORT / Personal, Organisational, Resilience and Transformation

Personal, Organisational, Resilience and Transformation (PORT) is a system that supports and encourages creative solutions to problem solving in any setting.

Three themes

Pink flower poking out from rock on a river bed

  • Resilience – the successful adaptation to life in the face of adversity or social disadvantage
  • Human Energy – the capacity of the systems that we use to survive, create and perform
  • Consciousness and spirituality- the struggle with the issues of how our lives fit into the greater scheme


Four strands of learning

  • Maslow’s Universal Human Needs Hierarchy
  • Energy related to the Eastern ‘Chakras’ from Indian Yogic philosophy
  • Seven S Framework of the Mckinstry Consultancy
  • Deepak Chopra; Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

These are combined and expanded as an aid to understanding ourselves and our relationships.

Why use PORT?

  • Resilience is a priority
  • Your situation and challenges are directly addressed
  • Restructuring and restoring society is vital
  • Creating meaningful change is rewarding and challenging
  • Organisations contribute to fundamental change
  • PORT is inclusive and holistic

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