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Survival energy: the foundation from which we learn and grow


Mayan CalendarAs 2012 draws to a close we come to the end of a remarkable period; those who (like me) are familiar with topics raised in online discussion groups have been exposed to an abundance of prophetic predictions and speculation on what the future holds. We will have passed the long heralded end of the Mayan Calendar, an event that has apparently provoked anxiety, fear and stockpiling of survival commodities, particularly in the US from where it seems to have originated. Speculation about dramatic celestial events linked to the line-up of the planets in the direction of the black hole at the centre of our solars system, the milky way, has drawn NASA into the conversation.

Online discussions feed the imagination and I also find many educational in a very broad sense. As a result I have many new ‘virtual’ and valued friends through being a contributor to selected discussions on Linked In. For example I knew nothing about ‘Systems Thinking’ as an academic discipline, now I discover that I am one; I am hooked!

Share Knowledge & Experience (SKE) – It’s Worth Doing is living up to the intentions and expectations of Rajeev Jain who started the group in February by issuing invitations. It has almost reach 7000 and its contributing members have wide-ranging interests.

Group membership gives me many cross-cultural fresh insights and none more than an old favourite India Leadership Network. Members have provided me with affirmation and challenge and it is mutual. Here is a recent example; a statement from a thread on effective leadership:

One of the key traits of a great leader is his ability and will to be a great follower. This can create magic.”Dhananjay

I like your comment and would like it more with one small but significant addition: “One of the key traits of a great leader is his or her ability and will to be a great follower. This can create magic.” 😉
Angela Courtney (response)

I’m pleased to say that four ‘thumbs up’ appeared alongside and Dhanjay and myself are now connections and friends.

The root chakra

Meanwhile some of my non-virtual friends often ask, “How is the book going?”. The answer is “rather more slowly than I expected but process is more important than speed!”

Here is an update/ preview:

Human Energy, Resilience, Organisations and Spirituality is my current title. My blog title above is also the title of Chapter 3 which deals with the lowest human energy centre – the root chakra.

“Abraham Maslow identifies basic survival needs; water, food, shelter, and warmth. These are taken for granted by a majority of people in industrialised societies. Those who are undergoing crises due to war, famine or climatic emergencies, or having to endure debilitating personal circumstances are seriously challenged and physical survival and safety becomes the priority. While in societies that are used to stability and are technologically advanced, food production and other essentials and distribution systems, shopping malls and schools and higher education are unused to having to think about survival issues, in the ordinary course of events. However, climate change and current social and financial upheaval have caused many to become fearful of what the future holds and a myriad of cataclysmic prophesies are presented are rehashed. Standing your ground is all the more challenging when long established certainties are called into question. I urge you to read on; this section offers strategies for improving confidence and skills and knowing that by tapping into internal resources and building a resilient mind set creates both optimism and hope.

Those who habitually believe that their problems are caused by other people’s behaviours are being challenged by their own shadow as well as by collective shadow concerns. Giving up denial and resistance and owning the shadow enables vital changes to take place and allows the solutions to emerge. Hanging on to entrenched self-limiting beliefs is the only other option. Most people hold subconscious beliefs that they have not examined; the art of resilience entails the ability to grow psychologically and spiritually. The factors of diet and routine significantly contribute to well- being. Flexibility and adaptability increase by engaging willingly in the lessons.

Our familiar physical, material body is inseparable from the energy field around it and the thoughts and processes within. Understanding and experiencing this field can be assisted through exploring ideas from ancient and modern sources and validating them from our own experience.

When we open up to the eastern understanding of prana, the life force, it becomes easier to recognise the cues that our body gives us all of time, we become ‘tuned in’, to the energy field (also known as the aura). As a result, we learn to pay greater attention to subtle energies as they become available to consciousness. Instead of unconsciously blocking out sensations (or ideas) through fear, denial or by rationalisation, we gain more accurate feedback from our experience. We can become aware of connections between;

  • feeling and emotion,
  • thinking and feeling,
  • sensory experience and behaviour,
  • intention and reaction,
  • compulsive action and authentic choice.

We can thus begin to re-programme unsatisfactory habitual responses and improve our overall experience by attending to what our body has to tell us.

Trauma and its consequences

Only a few fortunate people will have escaped having to deal with potentially traumatizing events. Family tragedy, civil disorder, terror attacks, train crashes, all of these and many similar occurrences affect ordinary people going about their everyday lives. When we are exposed to trauma our ability to respond to the energy flow is disrupted, at least temporarily. Understanding something about the profound effects that traumatic experiences have on the process of psychological growth, health, wellbeing and motivation is essential when we work with people; in particular we require an empathy with people whom we invite to seek our help.

The effects of trauma are widespread in most populations and the somatic (bodily) response of traumatized individuals needs to be understood. …. .”

©Angela Courtney 2012

Collective trauma in the United Sates is currently felt by perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions of people worldwide. Much of the anger and helplessness is focused on ‘gun control’. The great gun control fallacy is an informative and challenging piece in the Guardian.

Now the US is facing a terrible and persistent trend of confused and disturbed (mostly young) males with guns attacking communities; seemingly in random events, it is imperative be working towards the next evolutionary shift in consciousness, which many people are expecting; this incident could be an important part of the tipping point. The ‘sense making’, of such incidents will be at work. There is a connection between all of the violence, as we address each part we become part of the solution for humanity. As we change our minds and our systems we gain our security, health and wholeness.