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Tacking with a strong breeze


I am a natural trainer and a natural writer and I enjoy both. Alpha Studio is taking on a publishing role. Yes, some of you will know that I have had two books in the energy flow and many who have asked about my writing will be pleased to hear that one of them is at the finishing line and it is almost ready to sail into the wide blue yonder in the form of Kindle Select.

Benediction and Cosmic Dancing tells a story of liberation during Northern Ireland’s darkest days through the richness of the Northern Ireland women’s refuge movement.
Relocating to Belfast from Gateshead in 1967, I found many similarities to my home in the North East of England but I did not adjust readily to sectarianism. But then who really does?

The story of my connection to an Indian student illuminates the spiritual dimension of my transformation. It is in the first chapter called Synchrodestiny.

Arrival in India for a Hindu wedding in 2012 and a Bodhran workshop in County Mayo presented mind-bending connections during which I named my mental agility as a Cosmic Dance. The dance has many partners such as you dear readers and friends. It also describes the development of my training programmes; my ‘Journey to PORT’ that still goes on.

Main themes of Benediction and Cosmic Dancing explore movements that demonstrate that people can re shape history. The widespread desire of populations for a better life is one that is in keeping with their highest values. When we discover a collective focus and find a meeting of hope and history we begin to look at things anew, people and events flow in unexpected ways. When groups of likeminded people commit to action we have greater hope for change. Peaceful and radical movements appear in many forms; protest, witness, collective organizing of events and the provision of new services. Much effective change, job satisfaction and happiness is below the mainstream media radar.

Purchasing ISBN numbers brings books within the range of long established and formal records and I have my first allocation and my first title notified so subject to proofreading it’s ready to go.

My second book title Human Energy, Resilience, Organisations and Spirituality (HEROS) describes the origins and development of conceptualizing organizations as an evolving, living system. Available human energy depends on everyone involved; leadership, employees and service users. Wellbeing and resilience are twin concepts; resilience is enhanced by adopting this as a personal and organizational goal. HEROS links resilience to developing higher consciousness as cultural value. A learning agenda ‘Personal and Organizational Resilience and Transformation’ has been developed from my 30 years’ experience of organizational development in the not for profit sector. I benefited from two awards which assisted with the development and piloting of the training package.

These are:

1. Millennium Awards Fellowship. Millennium Commission of U K: September 2004
For creating and piloting training for Self Care and Self-Healing for Anti Violence Workers.

2. UnLtd. Award for Social Entrepreneurs December 2007 for: Building Personal and Organizational Resilience

More important than awards are the people who helped me to make it possible. I thank you; the Dance goes on!